Add a ridiculously intuitive, customizable calendar to your websites.

*If you manage 1,000 sites, it may be time to ask for a raise.

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One calendar to rule them all.

But UniCal is a kind, fair ruler providing everyone a single place to manage calendars across sites with smart event tagging, multi-user permissions, and Google Maps integration.

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Open source—but you’re never alone.

UniCal is designed to give you the power to integrate with your existing site. But we're also here to help. We can handle every step of implementation, integration, configuration—and even design. Just ask!

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Works on any Website

If your website displays HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, it will work with UniCal. If it doesn't—stop making websites.

Multiple Calendars

Manage an infinite number of calendars through one simple interface. Mind: Blown.

Behold the Power of Open Source

UniCal is built in Drupal and Google's AngularJS.

Easy to Theme

Customize your calendar to match your brand, your style—even your curtains. It's your world: Go for it.

Built-in social sharing

With a couple clicks, users can share your events to Facebook and Twitter.

Two-Click Calendar Add

Users can quickly add events to their calendars in Outlook, Apple iCal, Google and Yahoo. Freedom!

Works on any Device

UniCal uses responsive design. It looks great on any device—and in all modern web browsers.

Never tested on Dolphins

UniCal has never, nor will we ever, test our calendar on sea mammals. They can't be tamed by time—nor awesome, customizable, beautifully designed calendars.

UniCal in action